A 150-year-old technology is about to change forever. Wherever there is electricity, there’s a mechanical circuit breaker. Turning them into digital smart devices completely changes the game. For the greater good. And it’s time. Faster, better, safer, smarter – our solid state miniature circuit breakers create the spark for an entirely new shift in energy. For many. Electricity. You’ve had a good run. And sparked many great ideas along the way. Now let’s make the most of it. The next paradigm in the electronic evolution is here. Ready? Let’s go. https://blixt.tech

Senior embedded software engineer

job description.

We are a small team that have fun together as well as we have a close collaboration. We value each other!" We are looking forward to welcome our new Software Engineer to the team. For this position, you are offered a working day consisting of a wide range of activities that will strengthen your understanding and gives you valuable experience. If you are thrilled by this opportunity, don't hesitate to apply now!

An Embedded Software Engineer is someone who designs, writes and debugs the firmware that runs in our devices. Since our products are mostly “electronics in a box with a brain”, for us, the Software Engineer is someone who takes care of the “brains” of our devices.


As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be playing a crucial role in BL!XT's product development and shaping the product as it is going to the market. You should enjoy working in a fast paced environment and being part of the product design process at all stages. You will be involved in design, testing, certification and industrialization of the products. In your initial position you will be mainly responsible for the development and production of the BL!XT Breaker, while later you will also be able to participate in other development projects in BL!XT.

  We Hire for Attitude
Attitude is everything. It is OK if you don’t know something. If you are willing to learn, we will be open to giving you a shot at this job.

We Hire for the Long Haul
We actively avoid hiring “job butterflies” (people who jump from job to job, staying only for short periods of time).


- MSc or equivalent in Comp Sci, Electronics / Electrical Engineering, Embedded systems or related areas
- 3 – 5 years of relevant experience
- Fluent in English and preferably Swedish

To be successful with us, we see that you have prior experience in some of the following areas:

- Familiar with C, C++
- Knowing Python or Rust is a merit
- Experience in embedded software development preferably on ARM Cortex-M family MCUs
- Familiar with embedded operating systems like Zephyr, Contiki etc
- Interested in Open Source and comfortable to contribute to projects
- Familiar with continuous integration systems
- Familiar with TCP/IP
- Experience with source control management (git etc)
- Participated in all stages of project (design, prototyping, testing certification and maintenance)
- It’s a plus if you are comfortable with soldering and dealing with electronics, schematics etc.

This job is not all about technical knowledge. This asks for communicative skills, a positive attitude and supportive personality. Besides all this, you have good presentation skills and you are comfortable working in a start up.

A day at Blixt is never dull and you are most welcome to bring new ideas to the table. The future is bright at Blixt.


For more information please contact Jeanette Walters 0733434766, Recruitment Consultant Science & Engineering

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